Six Flags White Water Review

Six Flags White Water is an excellent water park with plenty of water slides to ride. The water slides range in differences from ones that start somewhere in the trees, to ones that are in clear view. The water park is home to some of it’s older, more wider water slides from it’s opening in 1984, and they are still running quite well. White Water has some new slides as well, like the Tornado, Cliffhanger, and Run-A-Way River.

  The 100 Meter Splash 6 lane mat racer had a pretty fast beginning to it, but it didn’t have many big hills near the end unlike other mat racers. It’s still a fun slide to race your family and friends on.
   The Tidal Wave (top two photos) are two open-flume body slides that end into the lazy river, and Three-Slide body flume (bottom two photos) are three open-flume body slides. Both of these body slides are wide which creates a very different experience.

   The Rapids is probably the most intense inner-tube water slide at White Water because of it’s wide turns and mid-course pools.

  The Gulf Screamer is an inner-tube water slide that starts like any other inner-tube slide, but ends about 4 feet above the pool which creates quite a show for people watching riders try to stay in their tubes when they land!

  Bonzai is two green(ish) tunnel body slides that makes one helix, then turns right to land in the pool. It’s an ‘okay’ slide in my opinion.

  The Cliffhanger is a thrilling free fall water slide that stands 90ft tall. It has a very smooth slide surface and a great view of the entire water park. Waiting in line can be quite intimidating, but once you go you will want to do it again.

     The Run-A-Way River is a family Raft slide that starts on the same structure the Cliffhanger starts on, but is one floor down. The slide lasts quite a while and is pitch dark most of the time.

     I did not get a chance to ride Dragon’s Tail that day, but I have ridden it before and it is a body slide that has three large dips that create serious air time, enough to make you come off of the chute on the third and last hill.

   The only problem I had with White Water is that it is sometimes difficult to get from one side of the water park to another. I don’t think there are enough maps or signs located throughout the water park to tell you where to get to a water slide, especially when trying to get to Cliffhanger, Tornado, or Run-A-Way River.

Other than this, the water park is one of my favorites for it’s unique and custom made water slides, and how most slides are situated on the side of a hill. This seems to be one of Six Flag’s better (if not best) water parks they have to offer and it is worth checking out.

Bahama Bobslide
Water Slide Ratings (N/A= not available):
100-Meter Splash: 6/10
Bahama Bob Slide:N/A
Bermuda Triangle (2): N/A
Black River Falls (2): N/A
Bonzai (2): 6/10
Caribbean Plunge: N/A
Cliffhanger: 9/10
Dragon’s Tail: N/A
Gulf Coast Screamer (2): N/A
Lizard’s Tail: N/A
Mutiny Chute: N/A
Rapids (2): 8/10
Run-A-Way River: N/A
Black River Falls
Tree-Slide Body Flume (3): 6/10
Tidal Wave (2): 6/10
Tornado: N/A

Other Rides/Attractions:
Atlanta Ocean Wave Pool: 7/10
Buccaneer Bay: N/A
Little Hooch River: 6/10
Tree House Island: N/A

Overall Water Park Rating: 8/10

Bermuda Triangle (Ends) and Caribbean Plunge (Middle)
Atlanta Ocean Wave Pool

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