Hello again everyone! Apologies for not updating recently. As you’ve already seen, the News Block posts have been ceased due to me not having enough time to make them for each day they come out. Even putting them in queues to be published on a schedule would be too much work on my own, so I will stick to what I do best; which is writing reviews, taking photographs, and recording videos!

I had recently made a trip to the Atlantis water park in Clarksville, Indiana (right across the bridge from my hometown, Louisville, Kentucky!) and shot some footage there, including POV’s which have already been posted to the Water Slide Database YouTube page. The review is still being worked on, so expect to have that coming very soon!

This weekend, I attended the annual Coastermania event at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio for the first time! One whole day of coaster riding with many other roller coaster enthusiasts! I had a very wonderful time, and took some very interesting pictures from there! It sure did make up for me having to miss out on Holiwood Nights annual roller coaster event at Holiday World this year. Hopefully I can attend one or both next year!

 While in Sandusky, I also had the chance of driving around the area to shoot exterior photographs of the Kalahari Resort (which I last visited in 2010), and made a visit to shoot exterior photos of Maui Sands Resort’s water park, which I have yet to visit, but would definitely love to plan one someday! Those photos are currently up on Flickr.com and will be on the website soon.

As I said, expect the Atlantis Clarksville water park review to be posted soon, and I might even throw in a trip report of Coastermania if I can!

Happy Sliding!

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