Guest Review: Twister Water Slide on Carnival Glory Cruise

Henry from Coaster Chit Chat was willing to do a review of the Twister Water Slide on the Carnival Glory.
Be sure to check out Coaster Chit Chat at the bottom of the post for more from him and his team, and click here for more photos of the ship!

Carnival on their Conquest class ships has the standard Twister Water Slide as part of their ‘WaterWorks’ program.
This past December, I went on my first cruise, on the Carnival Glory. It features a water slide, called Twister. The name fits the water slide PERFECTLY.
As you can see in the above photo, the slide is about 30 feet high. Twister is more for kids than us thrill-seekers.

If you happen to go on any of the Carnival Conquest-class ships (Carnival Conquest, Carnival Glory, Carnival Valor, Carnival Liberty, and Carnival Freedom) and expect a high thrill, you shouldn’t. Go on it once, and during the sea days, do another activity. Carnival has several other activities for a huge variety of audience, but Twister is not for adults.
Score: 2.5/10
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