Sea World’s Aquatica Review

Dolphin Plunge is the first water slide you will see when you enter.
First, I have to say that this is a water park with excellent water slides and theming. The colors in the water park are very photogenic and the whole water park has a sort of tropical Australian feel to it.


   The Dolphin Plunge water slide is the most famous slide in the whole water park, it’s the water park’s water slide icon. Dolphin Plunge isn’t a speed slide, but it does move you at a pretty fast pace. Unfortunately because of that fast pace, you might not have the time to even look around the dolphin tank and see dolphins. Overall, the water slide is fun, but it has one of the longest waits in the park and might not be worth riding in a 1 hour line.

   My favorite water slide has to be the new Omaka Rocka which is one of the few new Proslide Topsy-Turvys out there. The slide may look gentle in the videos but it packs a larger punch than it seems. Water splashes everywhere and has many surprising elements like making you go backwards and the bumps along the slide before you enter the three elements. The slide’s line isn’t as bad as it might look when you go to the park, I recommend anyone to try this slide before they leave.

A slide structure containing Whanau Way and Omaka Rocka.

   Whanau Way inner tube water slides are fast and thrilling, mostly because of the hills on the slide.
   Taumata Racer doesn’t have an very fast helix, but it makes up by having the steepest and largest drop on a mat racer I’ve ever experienced.
   Walhalla Wave and HooRoo Run are two fun raft slides, Hooroo Run being more intense because of it’s three drops that produce a good amount of airtime pops.
   I unfortunately dd not have time to ride Tassie’s Twisters because of the wait, but it seems like a very interesting slide.

   The Roa’s Rapids fast river isn’t as intense as the Atlantis resort’s Rapid Rivers, but the water is fast flowing which makes it pretty fun to swim in.

The other side of the water park with Taumata Racer,
Walhalla Wave, and HooRoo Run.

   Having said the good things, there are a few down-sides to this water park. The water park can get quite quite crowded making lines soar up to 1 hour 30 minute waits. The longest lines in the park seem to be Tassie’s Twisters and Dolphin’s Plunge. I waited 1 hour to ride Dolphin’s Plunge and didn’t wait in Tassie’s Twisters’ line because I didn’t have time to find out how long the wait was. The other water slides seemed to have less than fair lines, but they can be around 20 to 40 minutes. Your best bet for visiting this popular water park with shorter lines is to visit around May, June, or early July. Anther good thing to do is to arrive early before the park opens.

Overall the water park is great, and it is very popular among Orlando’s many Attractions.

Water Slides Ratings (N/A= not available):
Dolphin’s Plunge (2): 6/10
HooRoo Run: N/A
Omaka Rocka (2): 8/10
Tassie’s Twisters (2):N/A
Taumata Racer: 6/10
Walhalla Wave:N/A
Whanau Way (4): 7/10

Other Rides/Attractions:
Cutback Cove & Big Surf Shores: N/A
Kata’s Kookaburra Cove: N/A
Loggerhead Lane: 6/10
Roa’s Rapids: 7/10
Walkabout Waters: N/A

Overall Water Park Rating: 8/10

Adventure Island Review

Adventure Island Water park in Tampa Bay, Florida is a nice water park with plenty of water slides to slide on. The water park’s floor is clean and so are the sandy areas. The water slides in the waterpark are excellent and range from easy inner-tube slides to speed-slides that aren’t too steep.

   The 4-lane Proslide Octopus Racer “Riptide” was fun with it’s fast helix that produces a good amount of G’s, and the double-dip finale into the shutdown lane.

   Everglides is one of my favorite slides because of how you ride a sled down a drop, then skid across water a certain distance until you stop and sink.The sleds are pretty heavy to carry, but at least you don’t have to carry them to the top thanks to a system that does it for you.

   Key West Rapids is a very open spaced waterslide and looks like it was originally built for large family rafts, but uses single-rider inner tubes instead. The stairs to get to the water slide can be a little unnerving because of how high it is situated over a lake and how there are no risers behind every step.

   Wahoo Run is the highest slide in the park because of how it is situated on top of a hill.It is a very fun family raft ride that has dark tunnels and waterfalls to soak you during the slide.

   Runaway rapids are 5 slow open-flume body slides. These body slides are interesting due to the rock theming that the slide is situated around, and for the multiple flume choices. It is very easy to get lost trying to walk to the slide, so it is recommended to check the park map before venturing to it.

   The tallest bodyslide in the park, Gulf Scream, is also fast but not as intense as the steeper speed slides found in other water parks; just be prepared when you hit the pool at a fast speed.

   I did not get to ride Water Moccasin or Caribbean Corkscrew that day.

   The Caribbean Corkscrew are two purple interlocking tunnel speed body slides that wrap around each other until they reach the end.

   Water Moccasin are three aqua green colored speed body slides: one is simply a drop and the other two makes one large helix, all three end in a pool.

   The only problem I faced with my visit is that it had rained, which caused the water park’s floors to become extremely slippery. Be sure never to run in this or any water park because doing so could be very dangerous.
Other than that, the entire water park is great and if you are visiting Busch Gardens amusement park next door for a couple of days, be sure to include Adventure Island as well.

Mango Joe’s Beach Cafe

Water Slide Ratings (N/A= not available):

Aruba Tuba: 6/10

Calypso Coaster: 5/10
Caribbean Corkscrew (2): N/A
Everglides: 8/10
Gulf Scream: N/A
Key West Rapids: 5/10
Riptide: 8/10
Runaway Rapids (5): 5/10
Wahoo Run: 6/10

Fabian’s Fun Port

Water Moccasin (3): N/A

Other Rides/Attractions:

Endless Surf: N/A
Fabian’s Fun Port: N/A
Paradise Lagoon: 7/10
Rambling Bayou (Lazy River): 6/10
Splash Attack: N/A

Overall Water Park Rating: 7/10

Six Flags White Water Review

Six Flags White Water is an excellent water park with plenty of water slides to ride. The water slides range in differences from ones that start somewhere in the trees, to ones that are in clear view. The water park is home to some of it’s older, more wider water slides from it’s opening in 1984, and they are still running quite well. White Water has some new slides as well, like the Tornado, Cliffhanger, and Run-A-Way River.

  The 100 Meter Splash 6 lane mat racer had a pretty fast beginning to it, but it didn’t have many big hills near the end unlike other mat racers. It’s still a fun slide to race your family and friends on.
   The Tidal Wave (top two photos) are two open-flume body slides that end into the lazy river, and Three-Slide body flume (bottom two photos) are three open-flume body slides. Both of these body slides are wide which creates a very different experience.

   The Rapids is probably the most intense inner-tube water slide at White Water because of it’s wide turns and mid-course pools.

  The Gulf Screamer is an inner-tube water slide that starts like any other inner-tube slide, but ends about 4 feet above the pool which creates quite a show for people watching riders try to stay in their tubes when they land!

  Bonzai is two green(ish) tunnel body slides that makes one helix, then turns right to land in the pool. It’s an ‘okay’ slide in my opinion.

  The Cliffhanger is a thrilling free fall water slide that stands 90ft tall. It has a very smooth slide surface and a great view of the entire water park. Waiting in line can be quite intimidating, but once you go you will want to do it again.

     The Run-A-Way River is a family Raft slide that starts on the same structure the Cliffhanger starts on, but is one floor down. The slide lasts quite a while and is pitch dark most of the time.

     I did not get a chance to ride Dragon’s Tail that day, but I have ridden it before and it is a body slide that has three large dips that create serious air time, enough to make you come off of the chute on the third and last hill.

   The only problem I had with White Water is that it is sometimes difficult to get from one side of the water park to another. I don’t think there are enough maps or signs located throughout the water park to tell you where to get to a water slide, especially when trying to get to Cliffhanger, Tornado, or Run-A-Way River.

Other than this, the water park is one of my favorites for it’s unique and custom made water slides, and how most slides are situated on the side of a hill. This seems to be one of Six Flag’s better (if not best) water parks they have to offer and it is worth checking out.

Bahama Bobslide
Water Slide Ratings (N/A= not available):
100-Meter Splash: 6/10
Bahama Bob Slide:N/A
Bermuda Triangle (2): N/A
Black River Falls (2): N/A
Bonzai (2): 6/10
Caribbean Plunge: N/A
Cliffhanger: 9/10
Dragon’s Tail: N/A
Gulf Coast Screamer (2): N/A
Lizard’s Tail: N/A
Mutiny Chute: N/A
Rapids (2): 8/10
Run-A-Way River: N/A
Black River Falls
Tree-Slide Body Flume (3): 6/10
Tidal Wave (2): 6/10
Tornado: N/A

Other Rides/Attractions:
Atlanta Ocean Wave Pool: 7/10
Buccaneer Bay: N/A
Little Hooch River: 6/10
Tree House Island: N/A

Overall Water Park Rating: 8/10

Bermuda Triangle (Ends) and Caribbean Plunge (Middle)
Atlanta Ocean Wave Pool

Kalahari Resort Review

  I paid a visit to the Kalahari Resort and indoor water park in Sandusky, Ohio on April 9th. I will have to say, it is a very nice and comfortable resort, which made the 5 hour drive worth it! Clean floors, nice staff, great water slides, and great dining. I also visited the arcade which was also nice. My room didn’t have as much African theming as I thought it would, but it was still nice and comfortable.

   The water park itself was wonderful; clean floors, fun slides, relaxing lazy river, spacey wave pool, and convenient food shop. The only things I didn’t enjoy was the crowds, but other than that, everything went smoothly. On the first day, I rode every slide except Swahili Swirl, Zip Coaster, Tanzanian Twister, and Victoria Falls because of the length of the lines.
   Cheetah Race (Third Picture) was an interesting mat racer slide. It starts in a dark tunneled helix followed by a drop. In comparison to those found outdoors, this version is a lot less intense.
   Leopards Lair body slides are two small open flume body slides that snake their ways out of the water playground. Plenty of tight turns can be found on these slides.
   Rippling Rhino is like any other long and dark raft ride, except you use the four-seater clover leafs and 2-seater whirly wheel inner tubes to ride down it.
   Zig-Zag-Zebra (red water slide on the above photo) is a really fast body slide that completes a g-force inducing helix, and then a U-turn before ending. This slide is known for scratching your back a little more than Zimbabwe Zipper (purple water slide on the same photo). Zimbabwe Zipper is a quick dark body slide that has a lot of sudden turns in it.
   Wild Wildebeest (green) and Elephant’s Trunk (blue) were quite fun inner-tube slides, Wild Wildebeest being significantly faster than elephant’s trunk.

   On the second day, I tried the Zip Coaster and I honestly have to say that I would never recommend the slide to ANYONE with back problems because the ride has a very powerful launch at the beginning and produces a lot of airtime on the hills; other than that, it was the best water slide I’ve been on at the Kalahari water park! Definitely the most thrilling slide in the park too!
   I also tried Swahili Swirl (pictured to the right) which I thought was massive in is ability to be able to fit in the waterpark. The slide was fast on it’s drop, but like any other Proslide Behemoth Bowl, it slowed down quickly. It’s a very fun slide with the only thrilling part of it being the drop into the bowl.
Tanzanian Twister was (unbelievably) my first body bowl water slide and I must say, I was having a blast because of its fast entrance speed and finish into a 6′ deep pool. I must warn you though, I have seen this and many other body bowl slides close and reopen because people are unable to swim when they hit the water because they may have gone in head first or they didn’t know how deep the water would be. So please don’t ride it unless you know how to resurface and swim after entering a deep pool in any direction. Kalahari’s Lifeguards are there and are prepared to help if you do have a problem.
   On my third and last day, I first rode Victoria Falls raft slide, which was the water park’s first raft slide and was quite impressive. The first-half is partially lit inside, before entering the darker-half and completing a set of left and right turns along the way. Even though the machine to bring the rafts back to the top may sometimes stop for some reason, its still worth any wait.
   I didn’t get to try the Flow Rider, but one of my family members did and he said it was fun, just make sure you’re swim trunks and swimsuits are on tightly. The water was warmer in the lazy river than the water slides, but the water temperature in the water slides were never cold either.
^Cheetah Race

The Kalahari is a great place to spend with your family and friends, not because some slides require you to have two or more riders, but because the resort is perfect for a group with kids, teens, and adults of any age. One last thing I want to add is that if you do go to the resort, remember that Cedar Point is just a couple of miles away, you might want to pack to go there too!

Water Slide Ratings (N/A= not available):
Cheetah Race: 6/10
Elephant’s Trunk: 7/10
Leopard’s Lair (2): 5/10
Rippling Rhino: 6/10

Swahili Swirl: 7/10
Tanzanian Twister: 8/10
Victoria Falls: 5/10
Wild Wildebeest: 7/10
Zig-Zag-Zebra: 7/10
Zimbabwe Zipper: 7/10
Zip Coaster: 9/10

Other Rides/Attractions:
FlowRiders: N/A
Lazy River: 6/10
Wave Pool: 6/10

Overall Water Park Rating: 8/10                                                 ^Tanzanian Twister